[IMPORTANT] Report a Player Format

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[IMPORTANT] Report a Player Format

Post by MrFreeze on Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:39 pm

This thread includes the format(s) that you have to use when reporting someone. All you have to do is copy the format and paste it in your thread, fill in the gaps and post it! At the end of this thread there are some important information that you'll have to keep in mind when you report someone, plese check it out.

Use this format to report players who broke a rule in general.

In-game Name:
Player you are reporting:
Reason (Describe what happened):
Evidence (e.g a video or screenshots):
Administrators Online:
Date of incident:
Additional Information (optional):
That's a list of important things that you have to keep in mind when you're reporting someone.

You MUST have evidence; word of mouth and hearsay is not enough. If you have no evidence no action will be taken. All screenshots need to be unedited. If you want to zoom in to show detail, you need to have the full screenshot accompanying it for us to accept it as evidence. Edited screenshots will NOT be accepted. All videos must be uploaded to youtube and linked to your report.
You are not permitted to comment on an In game report unless you are the original poster, you are directly involved or have crucial evidence. No exceptions, repeat offenders may be result in a forum infraction. Do not post once a staff member has responded unless you have something necessary to add. This increases the efficiency of staff in handling your reports, so we can immediately tell which have been responded to and completed already.
Do not give your advice or opinion. It makes the admin job even harder reading through post.
Be truthful and straight forward about the event.
Please remember that the name of the reported player needs to be clearly seen on the screenshot or on video.
If you name your thread to "PSL ADMIIIIN BAN PLS HAAAAAACK" it wont speed up the process. Refrain from doing that as it makes your thread look bad in a way.
If you are here to report an admin, don't. Use the "report to council" board.
Be very specific about what has taken place, include a detailed description of the incident.


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