Rule Breaking Punishment

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Rule Breaking Punishment

Post by MrFreeze on Mon Feb 15, 2016 9:33 pm

1. Please listen and obey the administration! JAIL (120-360 SEC)
2. Do not flood the chat, hack on the server and advertise other servers. MUTE (60* FLOOD LINES) / BAN FOR HACKING/ADVERTISING
3. Show respect for every player of the server, or you will be muted. MUTE (120-86400 SEC)
4. Law enforcement officers must refrain from attacking innocent players. JAIL (120 SEC) + CLASSWARN
5. When cops engage with criminals, or vice-versa, neither one can /quit the game. JAIL (500 SEC)
6. Do not attack your teammates as a law enforcement officer. CLASS WARN
7. Report bugs/glitches if found on the forum, you'll be given an award depending if valid/unique! BAN UNTIL FIXED
8. Roadblock and/or spike strip abusing. CLASS WARN
9. Do not money, XP farm and/or Irresistible Coins doing so will ban you permanently. BAN USER AND ACCOMPLICES
10. If you're a cop, do not assist criminals or you will be jailed. JAIL (120-360 SEC)
11. Spamming will mute you depending on the amount you've flooded. MUTE (60* SPAM LINES)
12. Do not camp ahead of exteriors and drive recklessly with combat vehicles. SLAY + ARMY WARN
13. Do not question bans, it's not your business! MUTE (60-240 SEC)
14. The scamming limit is $10,000. Scamming higher amounts will have your account banned. BAN
15. You must park your vehicle in a parking lot or by your house! IMPOUND PLAYER'S VEHICLE AND ADD A NOTE TO PLAYER
16. Sharing hitman contract money with the person you killed for it is considered money farming. BAN
17. Do not abuse water-emitting vehicles/weapons. JAIL (120-960)
18. Impersonation of players is strictly forbidden! BAN
19. Tax evasion is strictly prohibited. BAN + ACCOUNT TRUNCATION
20. Do not cast a command on a person repeatedly to annoy them. JAIL (60-360)
21. The use of auto-arresting scripts is prohibited. COP/ARMY WARN(X3)
22. Ticketing for illogical reasons is considered ticket abuse. COP WARN
23. Administration may suspend users unanimously so long as it is clearly evident and justified. Suspend/Ban


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