Clan Rules And Announcement

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Clan Rules And Announcement

Post by MrFreeze on Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:51 pm

Clans are allowed to exceed 24 members.However, clans must choose 24 official members which may be used within clan cups/competitions. Nothing more.. Clan Guidelines All Clans must enforce these rules/follow these guidelines: Players from 'x' clan can not post on 'y' clans forum. There are exceptions if 'y' clan allows it. You cannot insult other clans/players on these forums because of what clan they are in. If a clan is inactive/has banned leaders, it will be removed without notice and no refund will be available. Banned clan members who have severely broken the rules must be removed from the clan after three days. Players can only apply to one clan at a time. Stealing another clans idea's will not be tolerated. Patent your clan ideas with Lorenc to protect them. Allow applications when only there is a vacant member spot(s) in your clan. Recently revoked rules Players are only allowed to join two different clans in a three month period. If they leave a clan and join another, they are allowed to rejoin their old clan. They must still wait 1 week. Each clan must have unique ownership. If a player has previously left a clan - they must wait 1 week before they can get accepted into a clan (will not be applicable to new clans UNTIL they are 1 week old.)


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