Keybinders, fast-command-submitters... Reporting them? Read here!

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Keybinders, fast-command-submitters... Reporting them? Read here!

Post by liza19 on Mon Feb 15, 2016 10:40 pm

Well, for such a while we have been arguing key-binds whether they do exist, or don't. And they do, but you can't really consider them key-binds if you need to constantly edit key-binds settings to fulfil this matter.

In short, cops get paid terribly, but the main objective of a robber is to RUN AWAY FROM THE COPS. Not whine and get busted!

Why I am putting an end to this?
There are a countless number of people that think it's OKAY to /q to avoid.
You failed to avoid the cops.
There are no current signs of any key-binding.
Cops still get paid bad by arresting. Detaining is higher in terms of pay.

How you can make a difference?
Stop whining if you get busted, deal with the jail sentence, by all means, loading up Steam and playing some flash game or browsing the Internet with its overlay interface, or AFK.
Don't get too close to the piggies!
Give them a dose of their own medicine! No one said there's a rule about key-binding as a civilian, so why not do the same with /breakcuff? Then run!
Kill them. Team-mates can help.
Suicide (in-game, not IRL) - Can't handle the cops and the soap being constantly dropped in jail? Jump off a building (e.g Otto Cars)

I love you all, but we're a bit too strict if we cannot allow a person to submit a command as fast as they want. Many servers don't mind, and we should be on that list. Don't you think?

Please stop reporting these people, because they can be an innocent player. A client can be hoaxed, more than the server can be ("timestamps of submitting two commands in one second" could just be dirty lag. It's like sending a car past a 100 metre road, then suddenly there's a hole in the middle of the road. After two seconds, the hole is covered with concrete and the cars continue at the speed before).

For the better of the CNR!
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