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1. Respect your fellow clan members.
2. Follow all of the Clan Guidelines.
3. Do NOT kill / rob / rape / tie / arrest / detain / detonate any member of [HLX] OR allied clan members or anything to HARM another [HLX]/allied member.
4. Do NOT go in-active for more than 5 days without notifying us.
5. Always respect your opponents.
6. Follow the rules of the CNR Server.
7. Do NOT beg/ask for promotions. You're actually asking for a demotion.
8. Do NOT organize Official Clan Wars, as that's the Leader / Co-Leader's job.
9. Do NOT create Official Competitions, as that's the Leader / Co-Leader's job.
10. Use common sense.
11. NO Multi-Clanning. This includes unofficial clans.
12. Attend training sessions and learn with others in a fun learning environment.
13. Always listen to [HLX] Members that are the rank of co-leader and above.
14. Do NOT share the [HLX] gate(s) passwords with anyone who's NOT in [HLX].
15. You cannot invite people to the [HLX] gang in-game without the permission of a [HLX] leader (or co-leader).
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